Reasons Why You Need a New Website

Your website is the digital face of your business and is often the first place that a customer will encounter your brand. This is your opportunity to grab their attention, impress them and call them to action. Here are some reasons that you might need a new or updated website:

Mobile First!!

Did you know that more than half of internet traffic is conducted on a mobile device? Mobile search has exploded in recent years and it is more important than ever to optimize your website for mobile traffic. Have you ever visited a website on your phone and the text is too small or navigation is hard to follow? This can be avoided with a mobile first design that creates a seamless user experience across device platforms.


Does your website have a fresh, relevant design that portrays the quality of your brand and products? Good design keeps your customer engaged and leads to longer on page time which earns you more conversions. It’s important that your website has a professional appearance that gives your users a sense of trust and confidence in your brand. Also, website navigation needs to be pleasant and efficient so your customer can easily find what they need and their expectations can be met.

Updated Web Design


Today’s customers are very concerned about their security and privacy on the internet. Additionally, google and other search engines penalize websites that are insecure with lower search rankings. Your website needs to be secure to build trust and engage with your user.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

A great website has beautiful design, but it also has to be built properly on the inside to make sure that search engines will find and display your content. SEO work is an important part of achieving your best google and search rankings. New websites are coded with important SEO factors including image optimization, keywords, page canonicalization, page titles, meta tags and many others.


Speaking of search rankings, page speed is another important factor in your ranking. New website design can optimize page speeds that will improve your search ranking and will also help with user retention. Human attention spans are shorter than ever before and many users will not tolerate slow page load times. It is extremely important to optimize page load times to increase customer engagement and prevent high bounce rates.

gathering intelligence

Making data driven decisions is essential for any business and your website should be no exception. Websites can be integrated with analytical tools, like google analytics, so you can collect important information about how your website is running and being used by customers. When you understand user behaviors, you can identify areas of opportunity and make decisions that deliver better results.

need help?

Websites are the centerpiece of successful digital marketing plans. Do you need help with updating your site to earn more traffic and drive conversions? We’d be happy to discuss ideas and options for your site – just let us know!

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